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Power Saving Tips

You can save electricity and reduce your electricity bill by following these simple steps:

  • Utilize the natural air and light; do not switch on lights during the day.
  • Promptly switch off the lights and fans when not required.
  • Switch off all appliances from Mains when not in use.
  • Replace bulbs with T5 tube lights; CFL’s and LED’s.
  • Use electronic chokes instead of conventional copper chokes.
  • Use Energy Efficient Appliances with BEE Star ratings.
  • De-dust lighting fixtures to maintain illumination.
  • Avoid opening the refrigerator frequently. Defrost it regularly.
  • Avoid switching in of heavy duty appliances during peak hours, i.e., 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • AC’s - Set thermostat at 26° C for optimum cooling.
  • Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans.
  • Shop Establishments - Do not use neon sign boards. Use only painted sign boards.
  • Use energy saving CFL’s and LED’s for the illumination of your shops, showrooms, or hotels.

Electrical Safety at Home

  • Use all electrical appliances and fixtures with ISI mark only.
  • Always use power plugs equipped with Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)
  • Do not use any electrical appliance without an Earth wire connection.
  • Always call a qualified electrician to carry out any electrical repair and wiring.
  • Please do not overload circuits and install additional circuits if needed.
  • Please do not operate any electrical equipment with wet hands or body.
  • Please unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Please keep electric hot iron or other electrically charged equipment away from children.
  • Please turn off all electrical equipment before leaving the house.
  • All electrical appliances other than the fixed electrical appliances (e.g. ceiling luminariesand electric water heaters) must be fitted witha 3-pin plug which complies with the safety requirements.
  • To prevent electric shock, avoid using any extension unit in a wet or humid environment(e.g. bathroom or kitchen).
  • Avoid touching any electrical appliance, socket outlet or switch if hands are wet.
  • Avoid leaving any operating washer/dryer unattended.
  • To ensure safety, any electrical installation in a residential unit, shop and office and theCommercial electrical installation of any building must be inspected, tested and certifiedwith a Periodic Test Certificate.
  • When a blackout occurs, major electrical appliances should be switched off to prevent tripping due to momentary overload on restoration of power supply.
  • In case of fire due to electrical short circuit, please do not use water. Please switch OFF the mains immediately and do not touch any electrical connection, as it may still be live.
  • If anybody gets an electrical shock, please do not touch the person with bare hands to protect. Immediately switch OFF the supply and use wooden stick to rescue. Arrange for Medical treatment immediately.
  • Turn off the gas mains if you can reach it.