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Procedure For Consumer Grievance Redressal


    Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has notified its Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Electricity Ombudsman Regulations, 2020, dated 21 September 2020.

    Regulation 3.5 of the said Regulations mandates TUCO to publish its internal procedures for consumer grievance redressal and make the same available to public in English and Marathi at all cash collection centers and offices of the TUCO, and inform consumers through its Electricity bills raised on them regarding the availability of such rules and procedures.

    Regulation 7.3 of the said Regulations has mandated TUCO to set up its online web-based portal for submission of Grievances by the consumers.

    Further, Regulation 4 of the said Regulations mandates TUCO to establish a forum for consumer grievance redressal

    Based on the above referred Regulations, following are the detailed procedure of grievance redressal.


    TUCO has established a 24x7 Call Centre Facility (No: 02192-409000) for effectively resolving consumer complaints. Consumers can also file online complaints on our website www.tuco.in or email support@tuco.in


    Post receiving the complaint at the Call Centre, the Call Centre registers the complaint and gives a complaint number. The time and details of complaint are logged by the Call Centre Executives in the Web-based Complaint Management System while registering the complaint. The Call Centre shall immediately contact the concerned person at TUCO forwarding the complaint details. The Call Centre will also be responsible for follows-up on the status of the resolution of any complaint.

    On resolving the problem, the Call Centre shall check with the Consumer on restoration of power supply / resolution of the issue and close the complaint.

    HT Consumers can also make a complaint call to the Main Receiving Substation (MRSS) directly. Such complaints will be resolved in a stipulated timeframe by the concerned personnel.


    TUCO has a structured Escalation Mechanism in place to ensure timely resolution of Consumer Complaints.


    Consumer complaint to be resolved within the three working in case of complaint related to non-supply, connection, re-connection or disconnection of supply and fifteen (15) working days for all other complaints, from the date of registering the complaint.

    Complaints to be addressed to:
    Consumer Relations Department,
    Nidar Utilities Panvel LLP,
    23/24 1st Floor, Sector A Retail,
    Hiranandani Fortune City,
    Bhokarpada, Panvel - 410221, Raigad, Maharashtra
    Phone No.: 02192-409102
    Email - icrs@tuco.in


    In case the Consumer is not satisfied with the resolutions of the Internal Grievance Redressal (IGR) Cell of TUCO, then such consumer may register an online complaint on TUCO’s website to approach the Chairman of the Grievance Redressal Forum initiated under Regulation 4.2 of the MERC (CGRF & Electricity Ombudsman) Regulations, 2020 as per the Schedule ‘A’ of the referred Regulations. The copy of the same is made available at TUCO’s offices or can be downloaded from TUCO’s website.

    The details of the office of the Redressal Forum is provided as under:
    Phone No.: 02192409004
    Email: cgrf@tuco.in

    The Forum shall complete the enquiry and will pass its Order on the registered Grievance for its redressal within fifteen (15) working days (for Grievance related to non-supply, connection, re- connection or disconnection of supply) and within sixty (60) days of filing of the Grievance (for all other Grievances)

    Web Portal for registering the online complaints with CGRF is under development and shall be completed by 30 September 2022.

    Electricity Ombudsman

    In case Consumer desires to challenge the Forum’s Order, then he / she can make a representation for redressal of his / her Grievance to the Electricity Ombudsman in writing in the form specified and set out in Schedule ‘B’ of the MERC (CGRF & Electricity Ombudsman) Regulations 2020 within sixty (60) days from the date of the Order of the Forum. The copy of the same is available at TUCO’s offices or can be downloaded from TUCO’s Website.

    The details of the office of the Electricity Ombudsman is provided as under:

    606, Keshva Building,
    6th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC),
    Bandra (East),
    Mumbai - 400 051,

    Email Id:

    Phone No: 022 26592965 / 26590339 / 9920017800
    Fax No: 022 26592965

    The Electricity Ombudsman shall complete the enquiry and will decide the representation within a period of fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the representation (for representation related to non-supply, connection, re-connection or disconnection of supply) and within sixty (60) days of receipt of the representation (for all other representations).